Once upon a time, the world was alive

Once up on a time, the world was alive.

The dancing willows whispered in the wind

The streams flowed full and clear

from the mountains till the ocean.

Children of the mountain played and danced under the sun,

over the hill up until the eyes could see.

Then came the blight walking on two legs

two arms two eyes two ears but only one brain

The illness spread across the continents and consumed darkness itself.

Plants and trees died, the surviving ones wilted,

Rivers dried up, violated beyond recognition

Pristine Arctic ice melted, the penguins stranded.

It was then that the forces decided to unite.

The oceans and the mighty mother trees,

the dodos in hiding and the once ferocious leopards and tigers

the sky above and the magma below

assembled for one final gathering at the end.

It’s time for action, they decided.

The ocean surged forward, its fury destroying everything in its path.

The mountains bursted out spitting out fiery red lava

The sky itself descended down, raining darkness and wrath.

Scorched by the sun, consumed by the darkness, engulfed by the sea,

plagued by never ending stream of diseases

the creatures died a slow painful death.

The sun, the moon, the oceans and the mountains,

the lion, the deer, the spider and the leopard

uttered a fearsome victory cry

A triumph well deserved, the dawn of a new age.

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