The darkened sky was holding back its tears. The clouds enveloped the sky as far as the eyes could see. A silver lightning struck far away, its path highlighted in the darkened sky. A distant thunderstorm woke me up from my reverie. I was sitting on a cold cement bench in the suburban railway station, … Continue reading Home


The story of my life: Short story

““Things may look different to you than they did before [once you descend the stair case and come out the other side]. I've had that experience myself. But don't let appearances fool you. There's only one reality.”

The for loop

Rangamurthi rolled over in his sleep. He let out a snort waking his wife, a light sleeper. “Dear Lord, when will this man let me have a proper sleep!” Vidia cursed silently and turned to her side of the bed and dreamt of flowers and romance. Meanwhile Rangamurthi’s dreams were racing him to the brink … Continue reading The for loop

Two little birds

On a beautiful twilight, two little birds perched near the vast expanse of an ocean. “But who will take care of mom and dad if you leave?” The bigger of the two asked the little one. “Who took care of our grandfathers? Who took care of our ancestors when they grew old? The universe always … Continue reading Two little birds

Cricket in India

I’ve never been a fan of Sports, given my disinterest towards any physical activity. But the fan following for Cricket in India has always intrigued me. Cricket in India is an aftermath of the British colonial rule. After independence, Cricket acquired a revered status among the people. It united people of diverse backgrounds, from rich … Continue reading Cricket in India

When Grandma Reminisces

When I was young and the earth was less hot, the days were full of laughter and love. No oxygen masks, full sleeve dresses or sunscreen lotions, we showed plenty of skin around. The grains, nuts and pulses, we brought from the market The vegetables, we grew in the backyard. March, June and October, thrice … Continue reading When Grandma Reminisces

A series of unexplainable events

I've never liked hospitals. I see it as a place of gloom, tears and death. So when the good doctor told me that I've to be admitted in hospital because of my dropping platelet count and dengue fever, I was not at all happy. Day till night I stayed on my bed with an IV … Continue reading A series of unexplainable events