Thoughts on God and the Universe

Thoughts on God and the Universe

I’m not a frequent temple goer, besides being born in a religious Hindu family. I consider myself an agnostic. Neither here, nor there, I thought this a safe stand.

A few months had gone by, when my mother finally decided that this is too much.  She decided to make me believe in the power, no matter what.

So as the first step, we visited the Naga(Serpent) temple at Mannarassala in Haripad, last week. I have been to the temple before during the festive season.  But this time, it was so quiet and mostly empty without any crowd. Unlike other temples, the Naga temple is open for worship only in mornings. It stays closed for most part of the day. Legend goes that the serpent king himself took avatar as the son of the pious ‘Amma’ of Mannarasala and is still in the temple in eternal Samadhi offering protection to the Illam and devotees.

Whatever be the legend, the temple itself is a work of art. Numerous images of serpents all around and an associated ‘Kavu’- a small forest constitutes the temple, spanning acres. The intricate designs are life like.  A symbol of nature worship, even my mother consider it a sin to kill serpents.

Our ancestors had done a right job to inculcate the ‘Aham brahmasmi’ philosophy in the masses. Hinduism is obscure in the sense that all the mythological tales represent ideas in the form of symbols. It’s a tough job peeling layer after layer to unravel the final truth. Unless you are schooled in the Vedic way, there is no hope. Many of the interpretations given by religious teachers of today, capriciously and whimsically have turned members of community against each other and less tolerant against other faiths, which is exactly what sends the younger generation like myself seeking other channels!

Whatever be the case, I cannot but say that I felt a peace of mind after the visit and ingesting the delicious ‘Unniyappams’ and ‘Nilavara payasam’ offered as Prasadam.  After all, who am I to preach on the nature of Gods and the Universe! Just as the bacteria in my intestine considering my stomach to be its world, I may never know the truth of my existence.

As they say,

“ Wisdom is located not here, not there

But somewhere in between and beyond, may be!



The survivor:-An ode to women’s day

The deep gash in the heart still tortures her every day, every moment.

The trauma reflects in every action she takes and each word she speaks.

At the time, she was in high school, a studious girl of multiple talents, an orator, a dancer and what not! Her house was undergoing renovations before her sister’s marriage. Workers, both from the nearby town and outside would stay till late in her home busy in one job or the other.

On a rainy monday evening, she returned from school earlier than usual. She was happy because she again ranked first in the mid term exams, undefeatable, she was!

Mom and Dad had gone out. Nothing to worry, she is in a safe haven, her home! How she wish she was right!

Shiva’s eye’s were twinkling with lust. The bad odour she could relate to the liquor in his stomach and the redness in his eyes.

The outdoor bathroom! Oh, Hell! Wild dogs every where. No, she didn’t lose consciousness nor did she die, she was alive, every single moment.

The parents mustn’t be told. The neighbours mustn’t know. The sister must be lied to.

She still lives and laughs. After all, life must go on.

The predator

Behold oh! World

Here presents the wonderful Ms Gala of the

Wandering troup of aplenty years in Circus

She dances, smiles and tempts with her long legs.

The long legs of whose likes no one has ever seen before,

Her curls as lavish as the beach waves

Of the darkest of black with brown streaks in between.

Ah! The face, the beauty which defeats the best of her sex

As round as a full moon and gleams like a morning sun.

The full busts sneaks out behind the thin veil of cloth,

A peekaboo they plays with the deep neck piece.

A sheer gown she wears, high on the knees,

Which flutters and shimmers whenever she rotates.

Her act ends so quickly as it started,

Leaving the tent full and the masses mesmerised.

At back stage waits her little boy of five,

Unattended and unschooled

A future circus clown in the make.

She takes the child and setsout to the city

“Circus is a dying art, the boy mustn’t suffer my fate,

The schools are so pricey, but I’ll find a way.”

She combs the street, the mall, the market

A predator now she is, in search of a prey and a

Dark corner unseen by the eyes.


One last time:Short story

Dohn Joseph looked around his beloved office in ODC3, D block in a trance .It was Dohn’s final day in office. Not that he resigned or anything, but he was going onsite, to the land of the rising sun, Japan.

The past two years have been really hectic. How hard he outplayed and outsmarted his team members to get this opportunity! The intricate plots that he wove never failed to find a mark. Dohn had lost count of the overnights and weekends he had spend in his congested cubicle. And finally when the onsite offer came to the team, he had to treacherously reveal some team mates of his who had confided their lies and dilemmas in him at moments of woe.

But finally, all that has payed off. He is going onsite, at the young age of 23.

The documents are all ready, the tickets are booked and it’s time to bid farewell. But where is everyone?! He had been noticing a change in his team mates for the past few months. Ever since they realised his deception, they have been maintaining a distance from him. But this is quite unexpected. The cold look in their eyes stabbed his heart more than ever. No farewell parties and hollow wishes. He expected at the least Liza to accompany him one last time when he strolled down the steps of his beloved office.

The cold wind kept on blowing as if sourcing from the numbness in his heart.

“What have I done!”.Dohn whispered.


The water issue

“Are Yaar, there is no water.” My roommate Padmaja cried out from the bathroom.

“Oh wait a minute, I’ll call the owner uncle.” I jumped out of my bed and called our landlord.

“Uncle, Pani to khatam hogaya. Jaldi motor on kijiye.(Uncle, turn on the motor,please)”I quickly phrased my words and turned my phone into speaker mode.

The land lord uncle was a man of few words. He acted what he preached. If he say that he’ll kick us out if we didn’t pay the month’s rent before 5th, he will definitely do it.

“I’m sorry Betta, today is water strike.”

“What!” Me and Padmaja exclaimed in horror. “But why?” I asked.

“That mahadai issue between Karnataka and Goa is gaining momentum. There will be a water strike every week unless Goa agrees to give water.” Owner uncle informed us in his usual scholar mode and hung up.

“Are Yaar, What do I do now?. How do you suppose I go to office. How do I at least come out of this bathroom?” Padmaja was becoming angry goddess.

“Wait wait Here, take this toilet paper.” I shouted at the bathroom door and strode towards my cup board.

“Hare ram, toilet paper, no way. I need water to wash and not some paper. Is this what you think of me? Cultureless fellow?”

I quietly put the paper roll back in my cupboard and whispered “You imitate westerners in every way. Why can’t you do it in this case?” I had a bottle of drinking water left. I took it, knocked on the bathroom door and handed it over to a relieved Padmaja.

“Here is the water, take it and do your thing.”

“What will I do without you.”Padmaja exclaimed behind the closed door.

“What will I do with you.” I whispered silenty.


The eternal bliss:-Short Story

Now I remember how I died.

I was intrigued by this question for eternity. “Thee shall come to know in time but beware of the agony “, the unknown voice in the darkness had forewarned me. I should have ceded to it. The pain is excruciating, like a million whippings on my back, my limbs are getting torn apart, except that I have no limbs. I am a speck floating in the eternal darkness.

Now I remember it all. My name, the life I lived and my end.

I was a poet whose poems no one read. My books sat unread at the bookshelves. But they were enough for keeping me warm in those final days under the bridge though.

Ah! The solitary bridge, frequently used by travellers but seldom cared for! I found my home under the bridge along with Robert Junior. His dad used to live with me in the ramshackle by the slum. The good old days, when I spent hours creating poem after poem. Robert used to ward off my any dangers lurking in the slum. His bark was enough to frighten anybody in a mile radius.

I still remember the final day. I was lying on a shag under the very bridge. It was pouring and Robert Junior was out somewhere hunting food. Now and then he comes back to check on me.  He was lying beside me for two days, keeping me warm and hugging me when I had the fever tremors. Poor thing!

How could I forget the quietness of the final moments! The thunderstorm was causing the water level to rise very quickly. At that moment, amidst the fireworks in the sky, the mayhem at the bridge and the chilling wind something exploded in my mind. My body became tensed, my mind became calm and I transcended the individual self to experience the ultimate reality, the singularity. The gleam in the clouds is all that I remember afterwards.

I shall soon merge with the white dot far away. Until then it’s floating through the darkness enduring the searing pain, another test.


Me, Dinosaurs and the butterfly effect:-Short Story

Before humans, there were dinosaurs.

They ruled our planet for millions of years when some catastrophe blew them off the surface of the planet. We humans have accurate answers regarding the origin of the universe, the big bang, yet we do not even know the colour of dinosaurs skin!

It was Spielberg’s Jurassic park series that piqued my interest in dinosaurs. Doctor Grant and the InGen corporation gave wings to my imagination. The movies urged me to read the original series written by Michael Crichton. Thus dinosaurs were my imaginary companions from childhood days. Dr Ian Malcum, one of the prominent characters in the series, was sceptical as to the breeding of pre-historical animals in the current era. He  argues that chaos theory doesn’t favour the parks existence.


Chaos theory is a real mathematical postulate that teaches us to expect the unexpected. The theory explains that a tiny glitch in the system could topple the balance of the entire universe. Best explained in terms of the butterfly effect, it states that even the wing flaps of a tiny butterfly in Mexico could create Hurricanes in China.

As a child, I was totally sceptical about the idea. For, to drop or not to drop a stone is my decision. How can I be so sure that I caught fever because of my dropping a stone in the lake not because I played in the rain?

But as I grew up, I realised that there was indeed some truth in the theory, practically.

In one of my job interviews, I was asked to give a five minute talk on a topic of my interest. If they had asked me about the company’s history, I would have happily given them not a five minute, but a fifteen minute speech. I was totally unprepared for their question. I had watched lost world recently, the avid Jurassic Park fan that I am, I decided to talk about dinosaurs .Thus dinosaurs landed my first job!

I was a bit of a loner in the first few years of my life in college. I was the sort that preferred the company of books rather than people. But then one day I met someone who turned out to be a great friend. We both loved raptors and t-rexs and were interested in paleontology. That is a coincidence indeed!

Recently, my family made a trip to Thenmala, India’s first planned eco-tourism destination. Now you might think, what’s the connection between Thenmala and dinosaurs? There was this leisure park where huge sculptures of dinosaurs were erected. Like someone took a look at the park and thought Hmm… it seems too tame, know what will fix it? DINOSAURS. There aren’t many prominent palaeontologists in India who has done research on the prehistoric reptiles. The sculptures must be inspired by Jurassic Park!

If Michael Crichton had failed to conceive his brilliant stroke of idea, this sculpture garden wouldn’t have existed, I would have been friendless and without a job too!

If this is not chaos theory applied, then what else is!

Some might relate this to astrology. The atheist in me however wades against all such superstitions.

In the meantime who knows what might be the implications of me writing this article!

A message to the reader -Beware of the butterfly effect !