The ‘book thief’ is my second book this week. Yet another book that I finished it in one sitting. The Book Thief describes life in a Bayerish town of Molching – quite close to Munich – during the second world war. I did not know the extend to which my current city was involved in… Read More Stories

Beyond Sapiens

Originally posted on DEVCULT:
Homo Sapiens – you, me and other humans on this planet ( unless there is another species in hiding or under secret government sheltering living somewhere) are limited by our five senses – namely the ability to see, hear, taste, touch and smell. The very senses that help us perceive the…

If you want to be a powerful person, start acting like one!

Lockdown or no lockdown, students everywhere act the same – no deference to rules, and acting as they want. Guilty as charged, I am no exception. The Sheesha party this weekend, the conversation navigated to geopolitics and power. This Indian friend of mine had some really interesting views (The title itself is quoting him). A… Read More If you want to be a powerful person, start acting like one!

Plot twist

Ejona has been sad ever since her birth. Her creator, that evil woman made her shout expletives the whole time. Okay, they talk about writers freedom and everything, but hasn’t that woman any conscience? Even the worst of humanity couldn’t be as bad as her. For the past two chapters, the author hasn’t invoked her… Read More Plot twist